Poppin' Bubble Tea & Coffee Franchising


Dealership Prices:
Franchising prices vary according to their kind such as Area, Shop, Corner, etc.

Qualities Looked for in the Applicant:
Experienced in their field, taking care of the business directly, creative, open-minded about new ideas, and easy-going.

The Physical Features of Our Branches:
The project design, planning, and application regarding the branches are done by us. The same color scheme and materials are used in every branch. The concept is decided and designed specially by us, regarding the condition of the building and environment.

The Qualities of the Chosen Place:
The place strictly has to have an outdoor area either in the front or the back of the store. The indoor space should at least be 80m2 + storage space (minimum). Location can be chosen according to/paying attention to how close it is to the university area or how crowded and nice the neighborhood is, etc.

Support that is Given:
A big amount of the products used at the branches will be provided by the Headquarters. Product supply is organized by us under the general market prices. Thanks to our solution partners, special discounts and easy payment methods are provided on technical equipment. Presentations, advertisements, organizations, workshops, special events, etc. are done by our head office.

Franchise Process:

Preliminary interview
The conditions and obligations are conveyed to the investor by Poppin' Bubble Tea & Coffee, and they are informed about the system in detail.

Store detection
A business plan is created by making a study of the store, location and feasibility on the store determined by the parties.

A franchising agreement is signed after mutual agreement on terms, obligations and projects.

Project design
The most suitable architectural design for the determined store is prepared by us and presented to the investor as a visual or 3D project. After the contract to be signed, if requested by the Franchise, the store can be built on a turnkey basis by Poppin' Bubble Tea & Coffee, by proceeding to the construction phase.

Construction - Renovation (Concurrent Staff Training)
After the completion of the construction phase, after the simultaneous work of Poppin' Bubble Tea & Coffee Human Resources and Personnel training department, the necessary Personnel Training and Executive Manager appointment for the store is made.


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