Poppin' LAB

The concept of "Poppin’ LAB" came out of the desire that we have about satisfying you without the limitation of a menu so that you can use your creativity. Here, you decide wheater you want to prepare a drink using the milk-based powders in the test tubes or the aromas and mashes in the injectors right after you take your tray and choose the size of your cup. Then, you choose between the Poppin’ Boba, Jelly, and Tapioca that are waiting for you in Petri boxes. Finally, when you arrive at the checkout with your tray, you chose the base of your drink and let us bring your recipe alive and serve it to you.

With "Poppin’ LAB" we invite you to come and make over 5.000 different combinations of drinks with us. With both the name and the design "Poppin’ LAB" is our concept with patent. We are very excited to be the first and only brand to bring this concept and you together.
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